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Von Drasek Inc.

a 60 year tradition

Von Drasek Inc. has a 60 year tradition of providing reputable, reasonable excavating and grading service to commercial, residential and industrial sites throughout southeastern Wisconsin. Family owned and operated since 1953, Von Drasek Inc. offers a variety of services including lot evaluation, site preparation, rough and finish grading, driveway installation, aggregate supply, trenching and culvert installation.


Because excavating and grading are very crucial steps in any building process, it is important to choose your excavating contractor with care. Our company is based on a solid foundation of integrity, trust and customer satisfaction. Our state-of-the-art communication equipment helps us keep close contact with each operator on the job-site using two-way radio systems hooked up from our office to each machine, and through the use of mobile telephones. Before building or adding to your existing home, call Von Drasek Inc. or ask your builder about us. We at Von Drasek Inc. care about the quality of your existing home; therefore, we abide by the Home Owners Warranty Standards.

The state-of-the-art home begins with the state-of-the-art excavator. Von Drasek Inc. maintains the latest equipment and know-how for the most accurate and timely excavating jobs. Because excavating and grading are such crucial steps in any building process, it's important to choose your contractor with integrity and trust in mind.

Builders like Kings Way Homes tap the expertise of Von Drasek Inc. for a variety of services including site prep, rough and finish grading, driveway installation and aggregate supplies.

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